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    I Calabresi


    San Marco Argentano, Calabria

    Italy Calabria
    "Since 1999 excellence for passion" Angelo Crisciti - Owner


    I Calabresi’s cured meats reflect the ancient taste and know-how of the peasants of Calabria: mythical land, cradle of taste, mysterious and fascinating secrets held. Wonderful land, people, places and food, echoes of distant cultures and unforgettable flavors.

    The knowledge that I Calabresi hold is a secular old art of making salumi. Today, as then, I Calabresi select the best fresh meat, they process it with love, with spices and ingredients of their land such as Calabrian chilli pepper and wild fennel, then they wait for the time needed for a slow maturation, in strict compliance with the methods of a centuries-old tradition. From such a care, passion and patience, extraordinary products come up with unique flavors linked to nature and to the history of the great land of Calabria.


    ’Nduja, soppressata, spianata, capocollo, pancetta tesa, guanciale, are the main cured meats produced by I Calabresi. Slow maturing is one of the fundamental ingredients for their excellence, as well as the chilli pepper, strictly Calabrese, used in the spicy version since able to give flavor to the salami without burning the taste buds, whereas in the sweet version used to give the typical red color as well as the unmistakable flavor of the Calabrian land.