Giovanni Coca & C. Linea Milano


Lombardy, Milan

Italy Lombardia
"Ours are unique products that mix colours and flavours recalling both past tradition and present innovation." IDB GROUP - Owner


The story of “GIOVANNI COVA & C.” brand takes its roots long time ago; it’s told by some old photos with sepia tint from 1905, that is the Belle Epoque period in Milan, when women wore silk chiffon and billowing laces. In Porta nuova, near the famous “Gazzetta dello sport” headquarter, Angelo Grioni began his pastry business. From his happy marriage five children born. His son Antonio decided to continue his father’s business, but it’s thanks to his sister Rosa and her husband that the Grioni family met Giovanni Cova, who was a pastry chef and the couple’s brother-in-law. The three had the idea to artisanally produce Panettone with the oncient real Milanese recipe.

“GIOVANNI COVA & C.” suddenly gained popularity as the “brand renewing tradition” and its Panettone was considered a “luxury Panettone” as one can see on the vintage advertising posters representing the company’s Panettone with a crown. Still today that crown continue shining on the company’s trademark.

“GIOVANNI COVA & C.” today is “unchanged in its tradition”, at the same time “in evolution, is a witness of how the customs and traditions of once upon a time restist over generations”. The owners always paid attention to the company’s story and tradition recognizing the relevance that an historical trademark brings with it, symbol of a strong reputation gained over time. In this respect, the BRERA MILANO line born, with packaging finding their point of stylistic reference in the designs of the ’30 “GIOVANNI COVA & C.” collections.


The preparation of Panettone, Pandoro, Easter Colomba, and other specialties is slow and carefull. It takes more than 3 days from the culture yeast preparation to the packaged product. 
The culture yeast is the most precious ingredient that the company uses. Its particular characteristics require a continuous refreshing so that it can be used more than one time and the final product will result soft and fragrant. All the other raw materials used are carefully selected: local flours and eggs, North europeans butters, candied citrus fruits from Calabria or Sicily, raisins from Turkey.

The company has always been carefull about the food safety, quality and variety of its products. On a daily basis, every single step of the production process is subject to controls aiming at the guarantee of high standards for each single product sold.

“What makes our job unique is the artisanal know-how we do our job with, the artisan eye we supervise the production with. We want to keep alive the flavours of the past. To remind and respect our own past means for us to keep alive traditions of the ancient pastry, being loyal to old recipes and controlling every single ingredient used. If it is true that technology allowed us to refine and speed up the production process, our care and attention for details still remains the same of once upon a time."