Piedmont, Bra

Our story is made of continuous evolution, technological and product innovation, always keeping in mind the importance to use first quality raw materials and to process them with care. Ghigo family - Owner


Ghigo's family made coffee from over 60 years, in 1945 was opened the first coffee roasting in Bra, in the Cuneo province. The history of this brand was made by constant evolutions both in technology and in products. In 1987 was founded DICAF Ltd: different organization but with same attention and dedication to raw materials, to manufacturing and to result for satisfy his clients. Over the years, DICAF, has obtained really uniques and specials blends.

In 2012 the “Sergio Delle Monache” farm was definitely relaunched and with it, all its heritage made of history, passion, traditions, culture, experimentations, biological changes and products of excellence with the birth of the extra virgin olive oil Tamìa, an authentic, handicraft and healthy product: it is rich in polyphenols, a unique imprint that is in all Tamìa oils, which is well visible on all our bottles.

The range of the products has grown with the company , beyond the lines "Tradition" , "Selection" and "Special bar" Dicaf now produces decaffeinated coffee , organic coffee and flavoured coffee pods. The blends are made with coffee from Ethiopia and Central America (especially Brazil) for Arabica coffee, while for Robusta coffee it is used the indian Kapi Royal.


Every coffee bean is different from other one. Dicaf always selects the best quality of coffee beans, with focused procurement, in order to offer always the same quality of blend to the clients, even over the years. Every coffee bean is toasted separately, with his own temperature, in order to reach the ideal baking level. Every production lot is tracked, so there is always the guaranty on the toasting process.

Dicaf always respects the time of disposal of gas contained in coffee beans and for packaging it uses nitrogen to eliminate oxygen that is cause of product deterioration. The packagings have triple film, the best one, with unidirectional valves that allow the leak of gas without necessity to open it.