Molise, Busso

Molise Region
"The 5-star truffle only for real gourmands." Vincenzo Di Iorio - Owner


Di Iorio Tartufi is an Italian family-run company specialized in truffle hunting, processing and marketing. Throughout the year the company harvests different species of truffles (precious white truffle, black summer truffle, Bianchetto truffle and precious black truffle) into the wonderful centuries-old forests of Molise Region, which are the treasure chest of this ancient delicacy. Right after harvesting, truffles are partly selected and processed according to strictly traditional methods in a modern laboratory, in doing so perfectly combining tradition and innovation.

During these years, mixing skills and fantasy, Di Iorio Tartufi has developed a wide range of products which are excellent for preparing refined dishes: truffle creams, sauces, oil, salt, honey, butter and cheese. The painstaking selection of raw material and the product packaging without the addition of artificial preservatives or dyes are able to guarantee the high quality and genuineness of products, with an appropriate quality/price ratio.

Thanks to this choices, the company has been able to refocus the national and international attention on the huge production of truffles in Molise Region. As a consequence of a favourable climate and a low level of anthropization, Molisian lush forests allow a significant growth of different species of truffles, so that the Region results to be responsible for about 60% of the national production of precious white and black truffles.


On a daily basis, the product in its fresh state, arrives at the laboratory where the best units are accurately selected by the company’s expert staff. The raw materials are then processed employing artisanal methods of production so that the company obtains a precious and very high-quality final product. Finally, the product is sterilized in order to extend its shelf-life by 3 years and to guarantee high food safety standards.

Di Iorio produces a broad range of products from the truffle itself, including: truffle in brine, sliced and groung truffle, truffle sauces and creams, truffle oils, truffle jams to be paired with cheeses, porcini mushroom and white truffle creams, truffle honey, truffle salt, truffle sausage and many others.

Since truffles are internally grown and processed, the company’s strenght is the guarantee of quality and authenticity of the final products, that do not contain preservatives and colouring agents. Moreover, the constant availability of high-quality raw materials makes the company competitive in national and international markets.