Salame Toscano 500g

  • Salame Toscano is a Tuscan charcuterie whose peculiarity is the savoury, very spicy and strong taste. Once cut, Tuscan Salami shows a smooth and plain red surface.

    Excellent as a mix platter or as a stuffing for bread or schiacciata bread.

  • Region: Tuscany

    Producer: Salumificio Artigianale Toscano Pasquinucci

    Ingredients: Italian pork meat, salt, spices

    Packaging: 500g

    Storage conditions: Store at 4°C

    Shelf-life: 90 days from the date of production

    The weight of products as indicated on the label may slightly vary from the real weight of the delivery due to the small-scale artisanal production.

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Tuscany, Castelfiorentino

Italy Tuscany

Since 1940 we produce salami with passion and committment and we make of the harmony of nature a concert of flavors. Marco Sartori - Owner

Salumificio Artigianale Toscano Pasquinucci produces, choosing high quality raw materials, cured meats that are strongly linked to Tuscan charcuterie tradition, such as Briciolona, Tuscan Salami, Soppressata and others.
Bruno Pasquinucci has been the owner of a butcher shop and a little charcuterie workshop just underneath his house in Castelfiorentino, Tuscany, since 1940. His son Stefano, decided to further develop the cured meat production in the little workshop.

Over the years, thanks to the achievements attained, the “Tuscan homemade cured meat Pasquinucci srl” was born, recognized with the CE IT 3665 L stamp.