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    Caseificio Maremma


    Tuscany, Follonica

    Toscany Region
    Our business philosophy leverages on a deep passion for our job rooted in our cultural background. Our committment pushed us to spread the Pecorino Toscano tradition across the world. Spadi Fortunato - Owner


    The Maremma dairy farm is located in the center of Tuscany, near Follonica, a land rich in perfumes and flavors that characterize the Maremma. Since early 1960s the dairy farm produces typical cheeses renowned all over the world. The job philosophy is imprinted on a happy alchemy between a stainless culture and passion for this field and an accurate and concrete approach to the market, both Italian and international. And it is indeed passion that made the dairy farm, together with others, ambassador of taste and tradition of Tuscan pecorino cheese in the world.

    In the factory are located the production and the preparation premises of the final product. In particular, the Maremma dairy factory pays particular attention to the delicate step of the seasoning of the products. For this purpose a suitable environment has been created, away from the production site, and more specifically on Mount Amiata, where cheese naturally mature at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level.


    Tied to dairy tradition and to the principle of genuineness of its own products, the Maremma dairy farm tries to link the contemporary with the past, leaving intact the preserved manual techniques and handed down over the years.