Piedmont, Novara

"Our craft beer told in novellas of a frame story. Every day there's a topic. For every topic there's a beer . Every beer is a king or a queen." Massimo Ferri - Owner


It starts there when the Decameron Brewery invites everyone to its table. Four friends, four lives, four worlds. A passion for home-brewing binds them since the beginning of their business, and will continue to bind them in the future.
Through craft beers Decameron pursue the goal of keeping alive the memory of the simple values ​​of the past, the old understanding between culture and innovation, assuming there’s no trade-off between the two. Flavours are key to rediscover of traditions, music and words, a cultural bridge that moves towards the realization of the human essence producing the dawn of eternal man.
This reverse journey is a rebirth, an awakening, a return to the springs. Memory can not, by definition, be the result of a lonely journey, but rather a process of inclusion around the common values, around a table, around a glass of good beer.
Decameron is a discovery of ourselves today through the memory and the exaltation of the flavors of the past in the key of a new modern Italian renaissance.