Piedmont, Nizza Monferrato

Piedmont Region
"Tradition and passion are the qualities that characterize our being. We don't have secrets, we like to produce, drink and teach wine." Dario Ivaldi - Owner


The farm is situated in an area known to the wine estimator for its historical viticulture vocation linked to the Barbera. It is indeed at Nizza Monferrato that Asti Barbera boasts it’s best expressions. For three generations,the Ivaldi family dedicate itself to viticulture and to winemaking, especially of this vine: over the years the love for this land didn’t decline and technology has known how to improve the product’s quality preserving, nevertheless their traditional features.

The wine produced are clean and show the real features of the vine and everytime they express all the differences between the vintages which the grapes come from.”We do not have secrets, we like to make, to drink and to teach the wine”. Andrea Ivaldi, the youngest in the family, opens its farm to the wine curious to illustrate how the fruit of one year’s care and passion is born. The symbol products are: docg Asti Barbera “Piccona”, docg 1613 superior Asti Barbera “Nizza” and docg Asti Moscato “Ros du su”.


In the vineyard the maintenance of the vine is done exclusively manually as well as the harvesting. We really take care of the plant indeed it is said that “the wine is made in the vineyard”. We let the grass grow to avoid erosion but most of all to keep a proper balance between vine and soil and, most important, to produce a fairy quantity of grapes, indeed we aim to the quality.

In the winery we work in a traditional way fermentations and macerations are made in concrete cask, as once it used to be. We make long terms fermentations, about 20 days with regular replenishment, then we do some decanting and then we bottled without adding any additives or clarify.