The door of Piedmont: the Basso Monferrato

The door of Piedmont: the Basso Monferrato

May 24, 2016Ana Markovic

The Basso Monferrato area is the door of Piedmont, the "Vej Piemont" of the rural tradition, the passage to the Lombard plain, the gentle slopes of the hills and the rice fields of the Po valley
Green hills and small plains rich in rice fields and flower farming: every natural product acquires value and quality! 

In the plate and in the glass

Casale Monferrato is a treasure of elegant baroque mansions with a synagogue of the sixteenth century, a magnificent cathedral, and a castle-fortress, now headquarters of the Enoteca del Monferrato.

To learn more about the Monferrato wines, Vignale is a must-see town: a privileged location to admire the enchanting landscape of neat vineyards and an ideal place to visit one of the many infernot, the traditional wine cellars of the Monferrato area dug in the tuff rocks.


Speaking of DOC wines, we have to mention: Grignolino del Monferrato, Monferrato Casale Cortese, Barbera del Monferrato, Rubino and Gabiano.

The Monferrato area is as varied as its cuisine, ranging from risotto to the excellent preparations of Piedmontese beef (braised meat, boiled meat, raw meat) and peasant dishes, such as agnolotti and polenta topped with poor sauces made with vegetables.

According to tradition, the main dish is probably the Bagna Càuda, a creamy sauce made of garlic, olive oil and anchovies in which dip raw and cooked vegetables!

Riso e Rose

The appointment with RISO E ROSE (from May 7 to 21) has ended with excellent results in terms of turnout and initiatives.


The most important festival of the Casale Monferrato area dedicated to rice cultivation and floriculture, with many events ranging from art to handicrafts, tastings and market exhibitions, has proposed live shows and visits to the local wine cellars also for this edition. The good weather of the last weekend enhanced the beauties of this area and its culinary excellence. A strong turnout of visitors (more than one thousand participants!) took part in many initiatives promoted throughout the territory: focus groups on the tourism system, exhibitions and workshops sponsored by the festival "Monferrato Fluttuante", visits to many wine cellars and castles, and wine tours that have involved not only the villages located in the Casale Monferrato and Alessandria areas but also those next to Vercelli, Asti and the Lomellina area. After three weekends, RISO E ROSE has just closed the 2016 edition. Mark down this event on your agenda and do not miss the next edition in 2017!

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