I Like Italian Food at Gola Gola Festival

I Like Italian Food at Gola Gola Festival

Jun 21, 2016Ana Markovic

Those that ended in the late night of Sunday the 12th of June were three intense but satisfying days.

Every summer, Gola Gola Festival attracts notoriously passionate food lovers for a weekend-long celebration of food, tradition and people. We at I Like Italian Food know very well that the best way to discover unique Italian diversity is through its festivals.

And this is the reason why we decided to participate in the festival with the event "Breakfast with I Like Italian Food", in partnership with the Coffee experts from Di.Caf.Roasting.

Grand opening on Friday at 10 am with the official tasting calendar of the event, which was overbooked days before its beginning.


Our breakfast was made of a roundup of tastings and delightful sweets, which satisfied everyone. The Coffee experts of Di.Caf. Roasting entertained the numerous guests with a real course for preparing and tasting a great coffee.

The success obtained with the tasting continued for the following three days in the market area. There was a continuous flow of guests from Parma and neighboring provinces and visitors from beyond borders who had the opportunity to know, taste, and buy all the displayed products. We prepared a selection of savoury and sweet products for our visitors, from the rice of the Vercelli Baraggia of Riso Goio 1929 to the wines of our selected producers like Tenuta Capri, F.lli Rovero and Tenuta Scarpa Colombi. All the goods were packaged in special boxes that all visitors can find on our site and receive at home, with free delivery until next July 12th with the coupon code GOLAGOLA2016.


Last but not least, besides tastings and direct sales in the market of Piazza Ghiaia, we wanted to valorize the products of our excellent suppliers even within the street food area in Piazzale Pace. The many guests of this "en Plein air" restaurant could taste the precious Piedmontese meat combined with the "Piacenza beer" of the crafted brewery La Buttiga.

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