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Bracciano Lake: a destination for artists and food lover

Bracciano Lake: a destination for artists and food lover

Located 40 km northwest of Rome, Bracciano Lake is a travel destination for artists, intellectuals and couples: a charming atmosphere, a beautiful castle, clean waters teeming with fish and a unique Etruscan cuisine.
A rich historical and cultural heritage, a great wealth of archaeological finds and stunning landscapes make Lake Bracciano one of the most appreciated tourist destinations. Three settlements are located on its shores: Bracciano, Trevignano Romano and Anguillara.

The surroundings of the lake are rich in natural attractions, such as botanical gardens, beautiful forests and monumental sculptures created by the volcanic activity, well preserved inside of the Regional Park of Bracciano and Martignano.
A line of hills stretches along the Via Cassia, from the northern suburbs of Rome to the shores of Lake Bracciano, gateway to the ancient Etruria and the Lazio region.

Odescalchi Castle stands in the middle of stone houses and cobbled streets in the old town centre of Bracciano. Built in 1470 by the Orsini family, the castle has kept intact its original structure and part of the original furnishings. The sumptuous architecture of the castle witnesses the Roman trend of the period, during which cardinals and papal nobility’s dwellings were erected in these Etruscan lands.

Nowadays, many people living there weren’t born in Bracciano. They decided to move there and turn this location into a famous destination for foreigners looking for emotions, or for Romans seeking a break from the chaos of the city.

Lake Bracciano Cousine

Good food, natural products and a traditional cuisine. As the type of tourists who visit Lake Bracciano, it’s not a surprise that the area is rich in trendy restaurants, boutiques and sailing clubs. But visitors go there attracted also by the Etruscan culinary tradition: numerous restaurants located along the banks of the lake cook typical seafood dishes, such as eel and perch, but also more elaborate meals that have as main ingredients mushrooms, game, vegetables and savoury meat.

Tourists should try at least once the "Acquacotta", a kind of soup with bread, chicory, tomatoes, potatoes and onions, sometimes served with the addition of eggs, cod or freshwater fish.


Olive oil, fish and sheep’s cheese tell us the story of a place where the flavors have been authentically preserved over the years.

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