At Christmas give... Italian food!

What could be better than a food-related gift? For us Italians, food is synonymous with conviviality, friendship, love: gathering around a table during the Christmas holidays is a moment that we look forward to all year round! And at Christmas, every Italian region gives its best with the preparation of unique delicacies: from first courses to desserts, not forgetting panettone and pandoro. We at I Like Italian Food have therefore decided to share our joy by wrapping for you inimitable Christmas Hampers with selected regional products of the highest quality and excellent... taste! Not only that: browse our website to discover our Christmas selection of chocolate, sweets and more. Here's what's waiting for you!

Christmas Hampers

Imagine finding enclosed in a single hamper the most authentic Italian flavours: pasta, sauces, extra virgin olive oil... and then chocolate, sweets, coffee. Can you smell it? Well, our Christmas Hampers are just like that and ready to satisfy all tastes and needs. You will find hampers with everything you need to make a nice lunch or dinner with family and friends, but also hampers dedicated only to sweet lovers. We have created our hampers to make you live an authentic Italian Christmas holiday through food, and we have also designed them as perfect Christmas gifts!

And let us tell you a little secret: even here in Italy, we often give food during the Christmas holidays. For those who love delicacies so much, giving them to others is an absolute pleasure that warms the heart! So, what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of hampers now! You can also choose to include a personalized greeting card that we will hand write for you.

Christmas Hampers

Panettone & Pandoro

There is no Christmas without panettone or pandoro: in Italy there is a real rant between those who prefer one or the other. In our opinion, both are simply exceptional. Our selection is vast, varied, and, above all, ranges from the traditional to the most daring proposals. Some examples? In our section dedicated to Panettone and Pandoro, you will find the classic Pandoro to be enjoyed strictly with powdered sugar dusted on the surface or the traditional Panettone. But why not also try the panettone with pistachio cream or glazed with almonds? We are feeling a bit peckish… and you?!

Panettone and Pandoro

Chocolate & Pastries

And we certainly can't forget chocolate and pastries! Nougats, Tuscan cantucci, almond brittle, chocolate bars, Sicilian sweets: there's no lack of taste here! You can find them in our Christmas Hampers, or you can buy them individually on our Chocolate and Pastries section. What can we say: sweets are never to be renounced, whether it's at the end of a meal or a small cuddle moment during the day.

Chocolate & Pastries

Wines & Spirits

There is always a good reason to toast, especially during Christmas time. A selection of sparkling, dessert wines, brut sparkling, but also prestigious red wines, perfect as special gifts. You can find our wine Christmas selection on our Wine & Spirits page.

To our English friends: Unfortunately, for now, for us, it is not possible to send alcohol to your country. As you know, since Brexit took place, it has become more difficult to import some Italian products in the UK.  But if you want to buy something to send to another European country as a gift, then there is no problem!

Wine and Spirits

Are all these Christmas delicacies confusing you? Don't worry. We’ve come up with the perfect solution for those who need to give lots of presents! Our customer care service is active during the festive period with the multi-shipping service to help you ship the various gifts purchased throughout Europe! For more information, do not hesitate to contact us